Top five songs about dating

*WARNING* this list is nearly exclusively show tunes and Broadway bangers. IT IS NOT MY FAULT. I AM AN OLD LADY, REALLY. I just occupy the body of a 22 year old. It is just my lot in life. *WARNING*   400 Lux by Lorde - a fine tune about teenage sweet mutterings. It’s not exactly clear … [Read more...]

Unorthodox ways to spend time dating

Have a picnic in a graveyard - This one is particularly weird for a first date option. It says that you’re ready to discuss the finite nature of living, however, it also declares you are a big fat weirdo. Dating may not be for you. Or it might! Who am I to judge. It’s just a word of warning, keep … [Read more...]

Disney Princes I would go dating with

Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) - He is at the top of list for most. He might not, however, be the most gentleman like in a dating situation. He’s a bit blinded by the hunt for perfection. BUT HEY, HE HAS NICE EYES.         Hercules (Hercules) - okay, not … [Read more...]

Blind Date is back!

  Blind Date is back! It’s showing on Saturday nights on Channel Five. As the previous host, Ms Cilla Black, is now dead, they’ve got her rumoured pal Paul O’Grady to do the honours. The classic dating show has been revived for the masses.         To be … [Read more...]

Disney Princes I would not go dating with

The Geezer from Snow White (Snow White) - First of all, this dickhead has no name. That would be the definition of aggro. Additionally, any bloke that goes about kissing dead girls is a freak. He needs to be locked up and not shown to small children. Also, on a kinda unrelated note, Snow White is a … [Read more...]

Lisa Rinna is the Queen of Dating

Lisa Rinna is a modern icon. She is the Mona Lisa. Her lips, her eyes and her crazy conduct. She is the queen of dating too. I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HER HUSBAND? She’s been married to Harry Hamlin, an actor, who was once voted People Magazine’s Sexist Man Alive. This may not be true, but I think they … [Read more...]

Who is Emma Stone dating?

Recently, and when I say recently, I mean about 20 minutes ago, before I ate my tea, I read an article about Emma Stone dating either her ex flame Andrew Garfield or Jake Gyllenhaal. This is prosperous.     Best of Friends Right, my in-depth research about Taylor Swift … [Read more...]

Daphne’s dating checklist for lost and confused men

Here is a comprehensive list of things you must do if you find yourself taking me, or any like-minded lady on a date. These are not optional. They are an essential part of dating me.   New and improved checklist   A brain - this is actually pretty useful for life in general, not … [Read more...]

What is going on?

I don’t know if its just me, but there really seems to be a lack of dramatic dating stories from A list celebrities. A list celebrities seem to throwing shade at each other’s ex boyfriends and girlfriends. I just miss the old days of salty past lovers. Like Kris Whats His Name, who was married to … [Read more...]

50 shades of lame

The other day, I was forced to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. It was awful. I hated every second of it. I hated myself for watching it. I hated myself for thinking Jamie Dornan was good looking. Quick Q, why does Jamie Dornan always play serial sexual violence offenders? He plays one really well in the … [Read more...]