Who is Emma Stone dating?

Recently, and when I say recently, I mean about 20 minutes ago, before I ate my tea, I read an article about Emma Stone dating either her ex flame Andrew Garfield or Jake Gyllenhaal. This is prosperous.     Best of Friends Right, my in-depth research about Taylor Swift … [Read more...]

Daphne’s dating checklist for lost and confused men

Here is a comprehensive list of things you must do if you find yourself taking me, or any like-minded lady on a date. These are not optional. They are an essential part of dating me.   New and improved checklist   A brain - this is actually pretty useful for life in general, not … [Read more...]

What is going on?

I don’t know if its just me, but there really seems to be a lack of dramatic dating stories from A list celebrities. A list celebrities seem to throwing shade at each other’s ex boyfriends and girlfriends. I just miss the old days of salty past lovers. Like Kris Whats His Name, who was married to … [Read more...]

50 shades of lame

The other day, I was forced to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. It was awful. I hated every second of it. I hated myself for watching it. I hated myself for thinking Jamie Dornan was good looking. Quick Q, why does Jamie Dornan always play serial sexual violence offenders? He plays one really well in the … [Read more...]

Kim K has disappeared

Alright, maybe she hasn’t. Maybe she is just recovering from the brutal attack on her security and wealth at Paris Fashion Week. As you will all know, Mrs Kardashian West was held up at gun point and robbed in her hotel room. This shocked a considerable amount of folk; fans, her haters and mostly my … [Read more...]

Kimmy Kardashian back at it again

Kim Kardashian West, as any dedicated viewer of her excellent reality television programme will tell you, is a proud Armenian. Her father’s family descended from wealthy Armenian refugees. On one episode, they visited their motherland and, I shit you not, got an arrival worthy of the Messiah that … [Read more...]

Seinfeld has the worst dating advice

Of all the TV shows I watch, I’ve come to the conclusion that Seinfeld has the worst dating advice. The four main characters; Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer, constantly spend so much time whinging about their partners. They expect perfection and will never get it. I know this because no one will … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talle

Kendall Jenner has landed the September cover of Vogue. The 20 year old model is gracing the 800 page issue; the largest one of the year. This is a pretty big deal for the reality star turned supermodel. The September issue of Vogue is fashion’s holy grail. It is honour to be selected by the editors … [Read more...]

Karlie Kloss Klaps Back

Karlie Kloss, the long time BFF of Taylor Swift and supermodel extraordinaire, takes no prisoners and she wants everyone in the world to know that. Following on from the Swift/Kardashian/West Snapchat feud (oh my days, has there been a more 2016 sentence? No, I don’t think so), a journalist asked … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber has terminated his insta

Instagram has a lost a star player. Due to some strange drama I don’t actually care about in all honesty, the world’s biggest (potentially) Instagram star. Bieber, apparently, got shitty because some his fans were giving his new girlfriend some gyp. His new girlfriend is Sofia Richie, daughter of … [Read more...]