Can we just get over the Brangelina divorce?

I know in a previous post I added fuel to the fire, but can we just get over the Brangelina divorce? Unless, you are family member, friend or co worker, your capacity to care, to the level we all seem to be, should not be so high. You don’t know them. You’ve never spoken to them. Yes, you’re allowed to care about whatever you want. I just want you to know, I’m judging you. Hard!


Angelina Jolie


Yes, one of my motivating factors is that there isn’t a lot less going on in celebrity gossip land. This is honestly dominating the first page of Google when you put “Celebrity news” into the search bar. It’s draining. I’m bored. I can’t cope.


Brad Pitt


This is a 24 hours new cycle society we are living in. Shouldn’t something else has happened in the meantime? It’s been nearly two days. Hasn’t something interesting happened to a Victoria’s Secret model in the meantime? No? None of them having given birth? I swear they are all pregnant and ready to pop at any moment. However, that’s too nice to spend too much time dwelling on. We love a story about loss, destruction and divorce. It’s better, innit? We’re sick.


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