Blind Date is back!


Blind Date is back! It’s showing on Saturday nights on Channel Five. As the previous host, Ms Cilla Black, is now dead, they’ve got her rumoured pal Paul O’Grady to do the honours. The classic dating show has been revived for the masses.



Blind Date with Cilla Black



To be honest, I’ve not watched it. I have no desire to watch it. I have vague memories from my childhood, watching it with my granny. It showed me that dating never really seemed to go well. As I grew up, I realised it was mostly the way it was portrayed on reality television.


Rather Endearing


I wonder if my sister is watching it. She’s a big old sucker for rubbish dating shows. Her favourite, of all time, is First Dates. I do have to admit, it is rather endearing. It has a much better rate of second dates compared to its similar counterparts, like the travesty that is Dinner Date.



Blind Date with Paul O'Grady



As touched upon countless times, that dating show is a thorn in my side. Every episode of that god awful show has been a complete dud. Sure, I enjoy it while its happening, but afterwards I feel dirty, like one feels after a Dominoes’ pizza.


Daphne X


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