T-Swizzle is Single

Taylor Swift has recently shook off rumours of dating every teenage girl’s fantasy Zac Efron. The country crooner announced this on Ellen DeGeneres’ chat show. Taylor found it amusing that the press is constantly matching her up to men she has never even met. The dating confusion created for poor Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swift


Taylor is famous for turning her dating and love experiences into bankable songs. Her hits like You Belong With Me and Mine highlight her talent for turning heartbreak into chart topping belters. Her little black book is filled with high profile heart breakers. People like Taylor Launter, John Mayor and Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas.


Zac Efron


Her unluckiness in love could be put down to her passion for creating ballads from dating break ups. Maybe boys are deterred from asking poor Taylor out on a romantic date because if they break her heart then you could possibly inspire a number one single for the 21 year old pop star. However, who couldn’t turn the blonde 5’10” beauty? Her angelic looks and her obvious sweet nature seem to add up to charm that enticed three number one albums worth of material. Here is to hoping that one day Taylor won’t need to write any more songs brimmed full of dating sadness.


Daphne X


Are Rihanna and Chris back on?

Friends of Rihanna and Chris Brown are praying and hoping that they do not start dating again. The pair were together way back in 2009 but had nasty split when Brown publicly beat up Rihanna. It is reported the reason that Rihanna did not take Chris back was because of media opinion pressure and the damage it would have on her career. Is this dating hell on earth? This does seem to be breaking dating ethics.




This rumoured reunion sparks a heated debate. Will this affect her young girl fans? Will she send a message to vulnerable young women it is okay to take back abusive dating partners? Rihanna is already an big topic when it comes to child censoring in music. Her overtly sexy lyrics and music videos anger some parents claiming she is too out there and promotes promiscuity. Other people argue that she is a not a child’s singer and they should not be permitted to listen to her and the decision should be made by the individual child’s parents.


Chris Brown


The dating dilemma that these two face is something that can only be realistically come to a conclusion by these two individuals. A choice that we all hope is the right one. Which ever you feel.


Daphne X


Why do we get so invested in TV couples?

Why do we get so invested in TV couples? I mean they never last. A few personal favourite include Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl), Brooke and Lucas (One Tree Hill) and Finn and Rachel (Glee). They go through many dating ups and downs and get back together more times than realistic but we still love them. Their dating career only lasts a few episodes or until the writers cruelly want to rip them apart just for you to feel the pain they are feeling.


Brooke and Lucas One Tree Hill


The amount of time I have wasted wishing for a Brooke and Lucas to get back together dating, even when I know full well he’s only gone and married Peyton. I feel genuine sadness. No word of a lie.


Chuck and Blair Gossip Girl


Don’t get me started on the nicknames. Chair, Finnchel and Brucas. You really need not be a Shakespeare type to make these up. I do not understand why. I blame the evil writers behind it. Their dating lives really ought to be none of my business but it is all so gripping. I never fail to be amazed by my feelings towards these people and their fake lives. However here is a thank you to all the fake couples who give us all so much joy for a few episodes of romantic dating gush.


Daphne X


Kobe gets a penalty shoot for Vanessa

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant seem to back together. The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard basketball star and his estranged wife were seen together and working on a reconciliation. They are just taking it slow and have not moved back into together yet. It is just casual dating. Though Vanessa did show up for one of Kobe’s basketball games recently.


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant


Kobe and Vanessa met on a production of a music video in 1999. They have two children together, two girls named Gianna and Natalia. Their dating relationship was put to the test when Kobe was charged with sexual harassment in 2003.


Kobe Bryant


However since filing for divorce in July 2011, they seem to be getting back into the dating game. They are however taking it slow and seeing what happens. According to reports, it very early days and they have their two daughters to think of. Kobe did manage to squeeze in a few cheeky kisses with the woman who is giving him a second chance. They do have a long road ahead of them. Kobe has to do some serious dating!


Daphne X


No man for Amanda

Amanda Seyfried, star of Mamma Mia and Mean Girls has recently left the dating game and is now single again. Her most famous pairing was Mamma Mia co star British actor Dominic Cooper. They dated on and off for a while. The relationship was a long distance one and according to an interview with UK Glamour magazine they kept the relationship alive with dating via Skype which as you could imagine was not the best way to maintain a fire in a dating relationship.


Amand Seyfried and Dominic Cooper


She was dating until last month real estate agent Andrew Joblon. That relationship lasted four months and this month it is reported that her replacement boyfriend Justin Huchel, a fellow realtor ended things with the Hollywood starlet after only one month of dating. This leaves us heartbroken for poor Amanda who seems to be getting it right with her movie roles and on screen love lives but nowhere in finding her real life romantic ending.


Amanda Seyfried


This a problem that lots of starlets finding it difficult to hold up a relationship due their busy careers filled with international travel, long filming hours and movie promotion. I suppose she could date a member of her ensemble?


Daphne X


Rigby and Merrygold paint Manchester red with love

Heartthrob Aston Merrygold disappointed fans recently by being spotted dating his new girlfriend actress Emma Rigby. She is most famous for starring in E4 soap opera Hollyoaks where she portrayed Hannah. There she faced a lot of challenging story lines including anorexia. Merrygold is one fourth of boyband JLS. They rose to fame in 2008 whilst on the X Factor. They were runners up to winner Alexandra Burke but have won in records sales with their three albums.


Aston Merrygold


Rigby and Merrygold were spotted on their lunch date in Manchester a few days ago. In 2010, Aston announced that Emma was in his top three desirable girls. Now at the beginning of 2012 he is almost half way through his preferred dating list. He previously lusted after Coronation Street hottie Michelle Keegan. She is dating Max from The Wanted.


Emma Rigby


Emma and Aston are yet to be seen dating up a storm. They are also keeping things hush at the moment. They don’t seem to be a typical celebrity couple with their countless tell all to OK magazine! Lets hope they’d be a couple you want to root for instead of any pair that involves Katie Price. She is an top annoyance.


Daphne X


Hallelujah For Halle

Wedding bells are going to be ringing throughout the glam Hollywood Hills sooner than later again! Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez after a year of dating have announced their engagement.


Halle Berry


Halle was spotted bopping around with a whopping ring made of diamonds and emeralds. The pair decided to solidify their relationship after dating since 2010. They met on the set of upcoming film Dark Tide. Both have had a A-list dating past. Halle has a child with model Gabriel Aubry. Olivier supported Kylie Mingoue through breast cancer in 2006 when he and the Aussie singer were dating.


Olivier Martinez


Although due to a rough past in dating and marriage Halle is ready to give it another go. She faced things like severe domestic abuse and depression that lead to an attempt of suicide. Here is to hoping that this is Halle’s last marriage because it is a happy loving one that does not ever end.


Daphne X


Rockstar Puts Rock On It

Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge Steve Tyler recently announced his engagement to girlfriend since 2006 Erin Brady. There was lots of rumour and speculation about the dating pair why she had a massive diamond blinder on her finger. Was the rockstar due to tie the knot? Was it too be a union of rock royalty. The Kate and Wills of rock ‘n’ roll? The mega star marrying the younger less experienced rock chick.


Steven Tyler


Steven Tyler’s family was less than pleased with news of the pair’s dating only relationship being taken to a new height. This was only down the fact that Steven Tyler did not share this news with his family until after the event had taken place. I guess the Tyler family are very close knit one and they all share their dating breakthroughs.


Steve Tyler and Erin Brady


The situation has blown over in the Tyler household and they are happily anticipating the union of the two long term love birds. The singer has had three marriages before to Cyrinda Foxe and Teresa Barrick. He has also fathered a few children with these women. His most famous being actress and model Liv Tyler who has a son Milo with Royston Langdon.


Daphne X


Katy and Russell Divorce Heart Breaker

Two nations wept as Katy Perry and Russell Brand announced they were filing for divorce. They met in 2009 and had a quick career of dating under their belts before tying the knot just a year later. This union of a the quirky all American pop star and the indie British lad was a unique duo.


Katy Perry


Their dating life must have suffered as they were spotted awhile ago sans their wedding rings. People speculate they spilt on the want of different things, like the divide between children and focusing on careers. This might be proof that too dating superstars does not equal a recipe for a successful marriage with a long shelf life.


Russell Brand


Russell was the one who filed the divorce request but sources claim that he did it on Katy’s behalf due to her Evangelical Christian family ethics. Some say this was a relationship that hardcore rescue dating and counselling could not fix this broken marriage. A lot of people speculate with Russell go back to his bad boy ways? The life of dating (and other things) was what Russell was mostly well known for, apart from his comedic stand-up routines. Maybe he’ll make a return to quaint British festivals like Edinburgh?


Daphne X