Are Online Dating Sites the Future?

Ever tried your luck on dating sites? No success? Did not find your prince charming or the girl of your dreams? Well there has been a revelation on the dating scene that celebrities have been giving the whole online route a go. They aimed to catch themselves a keeper the modern way. Maybe one will choose this very fine dating website to find an other half? Studies show that more of us young people are resorting to the interweb to search one out.


Chace Crawford


The celebrities include Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford, Pirates Of The Caribbean star Orlando Bloom and funny gal old timer Joan Rivers have all dabbled in a bit of online dating. Is it really so wrong? Everyone needs somebody to love once in awhile. Modern times can only make the ritual a little easier.


Orlando Bloom


However, some debate that dating the old fashioned way of getting drunk in pubs is the best way of finding The One, some people are looking for way less mortifying method. Love will always be mortifying won’t it? If it’s via text message, email or instant messaging, it always is a bit cringe. Let’s not dress it up and pretend is it anything else than a big old mess.


Daphne X


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