An Amber Heard Update

The other day, I had a discussion with this girl and her mum about Amber Heard. They were unsure of the validity of her domestic violence claims. I SHUT THOSE JOKERS DOWN! Johnny Depp fan girls and boys don’t come at me. YOU WILL GET CUT! I firmly, and politely, reminded her that she was not there and doesn’t know Amber nor Johnny. Plus, she donated all her settlement to a domestic abuse charity.


Elon Musk


Complicated Dating

Soooooooo, she’s a boss lady. Sometimes the person you’re dating/married to can become a violent basket case. PEOPLE ARE COMPLICATED, Y’ALL. THIS MAKES DATING VERY COMPLICATED. This is because dating is activity exclusively carried out by humans. And before all you animal activists get on my case, show me a dog taking his dog lady to a cinema to see the anniversary showing of Love, Actually, and then I’ll retract my statement.


Amber Heard


Anyway, this conversation, or verbal beat down was fun and I thought you would all appreciate it. This website is very pro Amber Heard. Particularly in the dating arena. It turns out she is dating Elon Musk. He’s mad rich and mad smart. You go girl. May the dating force be with you.

Daphne X


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