5 Things To Do For Date Night In London

1. Go to your local – Don’t listen to that bird from Shaun of the Dead, the local is a more than adequate location for date night. This is London. Travel is expensive and drinks are half the price than they are in SoHo.

2. Soho – It’s a legendary night spot in Central London. You will have to pay at least nine pounds for a Moscow Mule. This is part of the deal of living in the capital; whining about obscenely priced alcoholic beverages and Uber rides. It’s something you must get to understand about this god forsaken city. If you don’t like it, go back to the North.


Dating in London


3. Boardgame Café – My weird flatmate swears by this. She’s weird. She hates boardgames. She is just a bit of a fan of eccentric places.

4. Nandos – There are vegan options and very good for a hangover. Also, got the approval of my flatmate.

5. Some shitty cocktail bar in Peckham – See the reason for hitting up Soho. It’s just a cheaper Uber ride home. Plus, you can get rid of your white guilt of spending time in an area dominated by ethnic minorities.


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