5 Films To Watch With Your Almost Boyfriend

  1. Die Hard – Your potential man, the one who only really sees you as a fuck buddy, will rate you because you are a very good actor so you convince him into thinking you have a crush on Bruce Willis too. Also, it convinces him you might like to have a gun fight. But don’t forget to wear a floral print, to remind him you’re a woman and not his buddy Joe. Don’t let him think you’re Joe. Joe is a professional wasteman. He can’t do his own laundry.

5 Films To Watch With Your Almost Boyfriend


  1. Paranormal Activity – You can test out his level of caring when you pretend to be scared at this pitiful attempt of a horror film, while not actually giving yourself nightmares, so don’t watch any critically acclaimed; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the like.

  2. Your second favourite Disney film – To suss out if you’re good enough in bed to make him sit through any princess classic.

  3. The God Father Trilogy – See 1, also makes you seem like a chill girl.

  1. Iron Man – See 1 and 4.



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